Publisher using Specle

If you are a publisher, Specle is a great place to display your specs, easily accessible to agency users and advertisers worldwide. The support team at Specle are happy to upload publication specs for you, however, if you would like to do this yourself it is a very simple process. 

While we understand the time constraints that you may have as a publisher, we feel it is a worthwhile experience for your staff to put the specs up internally. We are more than happy to be on site to support your staff through this process over the phone or by email. For publishers that are less proficient or quite simply don’t have the time or staff to get things going, contact us and we will make the necessary things happen so that we can get your specs up and live with a minimal fuss and a wealth of professionalism.

Creating a login

The first step to becoming a publisher user is to create a login. Please refer to the Sign up/ Registration and Login page situated in the left hand sidebar.

Creating a publication page

Once logged in you will be taken automatically to your publisher page, which is ready for development. On the right hand side of the page there is a link, 'Edit company details'. By clicking on this you will be able to enter/edit the contact details that will be displayed in a box on the top left hand side of your publisher page. 


In this link you are also able to create multiple contacts that can be attached to your varying publications if needed. There is also the option to upload a company logo, and to list delivery options. Once all of this information is completed, scroll to the bottom on the page and click 'Save Changes', and you will return to the publisher page. 
In order to display your specs you first have to create the publication, by clicking on 'Ad print publication'. This will take you through to a list of fields that have to be filled in, including the option to ad a publication logo and front cover image so that you can brand your publisher page. This section also requires PDF standard and ICC Profile information. Once this information is completed, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Changes'. 

You will now be able to see your publication listed on your publication page. Repeat the 'Ad print publication' process to list all you publications. They will be displayed alphabetically.

Entering Specifications

By clicking on a publication you will be taken through to the individual publications spec page. At the top of the page there is a Edit Publication button. By clicking this you are given a list of further links. Under the Sections header click the button that says Add Section. This will allow you to start creating a spec.

In the first window you have to give the dimensions for a full page ad. This sets a standard measurement for other sizes you wish to add. 

Once you have saved this section you can then click on Add New Size. This will allow you to start listing your spec options, such as Double Page Spread, Full Page, Half Page etc... each of these new sizes can be adjusted to get the specs exact. Use + and - symbols to correct the spec. 

Entering Column Size Specifications

In order to create column specs you have to create an Ad Section and select the Column Size button.

If you require any guidance whilst entering your specs, please call the Specle support team on 020 7775 5613.