Exporting to the correct PDF standard

Once you have converted the profile for all the images in your artwork and placed them back, you must export the files as the correct PDF type.

To do this, go to File in the toolbar and select Export

This will bring up a popup screen where you can name your final file before you save it. 

You will then be shown another screen where you can select the PDF standard of your ad from a dropdown (our publishers request that PDF/X 1a:2001 is used). 

For a Newspaper ad

Export your file without crop marks and without bleed.

Output menu : Destination -> select the correct profile

For a Magazine ad

Before exporting, have a look on the publication specs to be sure about the size of the bleed and if your ad need crop marks.

Output menu : Destination -> select the correct profile


Once this has been selected, click Export at the bottom of the screen and the ad will be ready to be uploaded to our site.

For any further questions, please contact the Specle Support Team at
support@specle.net or call us on 020 7871 3555