How to fix a Failed Report?


  • Effective ink coverage is above 300% v4 (1 hits)
  • Parts of this page have an effective ink coverage more than 20% higher than 240% v5 (1 hits)
  • Large regions of this page have a total area coverage of more than 240% v4 (1 hits)

Follow this link : Correct INK COVERAGE


  • PDF version is newer than 1.3 (warn) (1 hits)
  • ICC profile missing in PDF/X OutputIntent
  • PDF/X entry is not “PDF/X-1a:2001” (1 hits)
  • PDF/X Output Intent without embedded ICC profile (1 hits)
  • The PDF/X Output Intent does not have an embedded ICC profile.
  • PDF/X Output Intent is not set to ... name of the profile..... This ad may not have been converted to the right profile (1 hits)
  • The PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3 entry in the document information must contain a correct value for identification of the respective PDF/X standard.
  • The PDF format version number in the PDF file header is greater than 1.3.
  • PDF/X version key missing (1 hits)
  • Output Intent for PDF/X missing (1 hits)
  • Document contains actions (1 hits)

Follow this link : Exporting to the correct PDF Standard


  • Glyph width info in PDF does not match width info in embedded font (9 hits) 
  • Character refences .notdef glyph
  • TrueType font used. Text using TrueType fonts may not print as expected (10 hits)

You are using a font that is not specified by the publisher.
To fix this, take your ad back into Indesign, highlight all the text & convert to outline: Type -> Create Outlines.

Then, export to the correct PDF Standard.


  • Page has TrimBox and ArtBox (but must only have one of this) (1 hits)
  • This ad has Trim Marks or Slug Area. The MediaBox is not the same size as the TrimBox or BleedBox (1 hits) 
  • Crop marks are required. An area of 10 mm from the trim must be included. v3 (1 hits)
  • CropBox not equal MediaBox (1 hits)

Export your PDF from Indesign, Illustrator or QuarkXPress, not from Photoshop, as Photoshop doesn't create Trimbox/Artbox/Slug Area/Crop Marks correctly. Exporting to the correct PDF Standard.

For any further questions, please contact the Specle Support Team at or call 020 7871 3555

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