Soft Preview Browser Support

Specle soft preview requires that your browser supports colour management. Colour management is only supported on up-to-date browsers. In addition some browsers only support colour mangement on certain image types. Specle uses PNG as it supported colour accurately on most browsers and does not use lossy compression.

All of these browsers support colour management - in order of level of colour management support:
  • Apple Safari 4.0 and above. Get Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and above (sorry IE8 and below does not support colour management). Get Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.63 and above. Get Firefox
  • Google Chrome 10.0 and above on Mac only. The Windows version does not support colour managementGet Chrome
You can test if your browser supports soft preview below. This test is a PNG version of the test on which uses JPEG. 

The test image below uses a mix of unusual ICC version 4 and version 2 profiles, one for each quadrant of the image

Profiles in each quadrant: v4 e-sRGB v4 YCC-RGB
                                        v2 GBR         v2 Adobe RGB

Expected Results

The display of the above test image on your system will change according to the abilities of your system. Here are three possible outcomes. (These are RGB screenshots from actual systems)

The browser and system supports these ICC version 4 and version 2 profiles. Specle Soft Preview will work if your monitor is calibrated.
The system supports ICC version 2 profiles only. You should upgrade your browser.
The system does not support these ICC profiles 


The test and image were provided by Lars Borg, Adobe Systems, November 2003. The embedded profiles are provided by Adobe Systems. GBR is a Green-Blue-Red color space.