Specle Campaign

The Specle campaign tool

The Specle Campaign tool allows you to manage a campaign from beginning to end - from receipt of media schedule, through production, and onto delivery. It allows you to easily manage adaptation, approval processes, and bulk delivery. If you have purchased Specle Colour, the Specle campaign tool connects seamlessly - enabling a simple workflow of resize, export, upload, send.

Login at specle.net then click Campaigns to begin.

The workflow we generally see is that the receives the media schedule from the account team, enters the campaign in Specle, adds the insertions, then resizes from an approved master ad. The operator adapting the artwork uploads to Specle and reviews the results. At this point they get final approval from the account team to send, or the account team themselves does the approve and send step.


Before you can use the campaign tool, you need to set up your list the advertisers and brands you are delivering ads for. Click My Settings to get to your settings

1: Manage advertisers click here to manage advertisers and brands

Manage advertisers

1: Add an advertiser

2: Add a brand to an advertiser


1: Click Campaigns to view the list of active campaigns and to create a new campaign

2: Shows the totals of ads in each state, New are planned insertions without files attached, Live is jobs that have been processed through Specle and are ready to send, Complete are jobs that have been delivered to the publisher.

3: Your internal campaign id, click here to open the campaign

Create a new campaign

1: Campaign ID is usually your internal billing reference but it can be anything you want.

2: Pick an Advertiser from the dropdown and this populates the Brand dropdown with the associated brands

3: Campaign name this will usually be the headline from the ad

4: CI stands for copy instructions and is a separate pdf with the ad details and ad thumbnail, which is also sometimes sent to the publisher eg News UK, and can be used for job bags and internal signoff.

5: My Settings go here if you need to create a new advertisers or brands

Campaign page

1: Search bar, type the publication you want the specs for here

2: then click “Add to campaign” to go the specifications page for that title.

3: Deadline is set by the user and is for internal use only

4: Insertion date is the date the ad will run

5: Edit job, this lets you edit information about the job, including insertion date, deadline, special instructions, and to repeat or replace a job you have already sent.

6: Attach file, click to browse for the PDF

7: Upload file, click this to upload a file.


Publication specifications

1: Click Add to campaign to create a job. If it is a column size ad first enter the height in cms, and pick the column width from the dropdown.

2: Download an indesign template to help you set up your ad.

Create a new job

1: URN/Booking number, some publishers, eg Trinity Mirror titles require a booking number before a job can be sent to them. This should come from the media buyer.

2: Insertion date, use the date picker to set the date the ad will run. You don’t need to know the insertion date to create and process the ad, but you have to have one before it can be delivered.

3: Deadline date, this is optional for your internal use

4: Special instructions, this can be things like running order of an ad series.

Show job

1: Approve and send delivers the job

2: Start again deletes the PDF from the job and you can make changes without having to redo the specification search etc.

3: The preflight report shows any errors or warnings the Specle system found.

4: Copy Instructions report has the job info and thumbnail on one page for internal signoff if needed.

Repeat and sub copy delivered jobs

1: Click on Repeat in the dropdown or on the show job page to repeat a job, repeated jobs are not charged.

2: Click on Sub copy or on the Replace button on the show job page to replace a delivered file. The publisher is notified in Specle and by email that the job replaces a previous Specle job.

Bulk send, prioritise jobs and sorting.

1: Select a job that can be sent (ie in this example the job with review errors cannot be sent) and the click Send Selected to deliver one or many jobs at once.

2: Prioritise live jobs click this to drag and drop new and live job into any order that suits you.

3: Click on any of the column headers with the two arrows to sort on that column

Clone campaigns

Click on the clone campaign link on the top right of the campaign page to clone a campaign.

1: Change the Advertiser and Brand as required

2: Change the Campaign name

3: Select the jobs that you want to clone.