Specle Send is an easy way to upload, validate and deliver your ad to publications across the UK.

Exporting Files for Specle SEND

Follow the steps below to produce a file that works in Specle Send.

• Converting images to the right ICC Profile

Use Convert to Profile in Photoshop to convert your images to the right profile (see Help). To ensure this works, do it right at the end before placing your images into the layout and do not edit them afterwards.

• Using the IDML template

Click the link next to the Send Ad button on Specle to download a template. This creates an InDesign document at the exact size the publisher requires and assigns the correct ICC Profile to the document. Copy and paste your content into this document.

• Exporting to the right Adobe PDF Export Setting

If you use the IDML template then you will only need two settings, both attached to the bottom of this page. 

Use Specle_Magazine_Ads_v1 if you are exporting a file for a magazine. 

Use Specle_Newspaper_Ads_v1 if you are exporting to a Newspaper. (The ICC Profile is set automatically if you use the template).

NOTE: Some newspapers that also publish magazine supplements do not allow crop marks. 

Use Specle_Magazine_Ads_v1, but turn off crop marks in the export setting to make the file pass first time.

To import a preset into Adobe InDesign, choose File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define
Then click on the Load button to load the preset.

Sending ads via Specle Send

When you select Specle Send you will be taken to an upload form which requires you to fill in the fields of information about the ad you are sending. Click on the upload file button and choose the artwork you want to send. Click once more on upload and your ad will be preflighted by our system, completing over 500 checks on the file to approve it for delivery. You will receive a summary report via email.

Return to the Specle site and on the toolbar click on My Ad Deliveries. This will show you the file processing and its preflight status (ie. preflight failed, preflight warning, preflight ok).

• Preflight OK

If our preflighting system does not find any errors within the file all you have to do is click on Approve and Send and the ad will be sent to the publisher, ready to print.

• Preflight Warning

If our preflighting system finds some minor errors within the file it will be flagged as Warnings. It may need some fixing before the publishers can accept it for print. For an extra charge (£2 +VAT) we can apply fixups automatically to correct the errors. If you wish to correct the errors yourself you can click on View Preflight Report below the preview of your ad and view the fixups required. If fixups are suggested yet not necessary you can Download Final File, check the ad is as you want it to be, and click Approve and Send to deliver the ad to the publisher.

• Preflight Failed

If you preflighting system finds an error within the file you will not be able to deliver your ad until it gets fixed. For an extra charge (£20 +VAT) we can fix the ad for you manually and get it ready for print. If you wish to correct the errors yourself you can click on View Preflight Report below the preview of your ad and view the corrections required. Once the ad has been corrected you must click on Approve and Send and the ad will be delivered to the publisher.

You can also use the Soft Preview and Visualizer Report for further information on the file.

For any further questions, please contact the Specle Support Team a
support@specle.net or call on 020 7871 3555
Tom Beckenham,
10 Apr 2014, 09:33
Tom Beckenham,
10 Apr 2014, 09:33