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Specle Studio Local Files Setup

NOTE: This is an advanced topic for experienced Specle users. Please contact Specle if you need help with this

It is possible to setup Specle Studio so that operators can upload files directly to a local web server production system through the campaign page instead of uploading to Amazon. This allows files to be processed and finalised locally first before uploading the final file to Specle.

- Speed - a direct connection is made between the operator and the file processing system (e.g. Twist)
- Bandwidth - often the master files are large in size. This method bypasses the need to upload these files over the internet
- Setup & Maintenance - No need for local server. The Specle web site which remains hosted externally provides the 'interface' to a local file processing system without any need for replication of the Specle system locally

- Flexibility - once this is set up, it will no longer be possible to upload files outside of the network where the processing system resides. This means that operators using the Specle Studio schedule tool must be in the same network where the file processing occurs. There is no way to 'switch' from an internet upload method, to a local upload method (Specle is considering adding this 'switch' at some point).

Setting up Local File uploads
To setup local file processing, you must edit the prepress associated with the portal (or portals) you wish to change. To do this:

1) Login as the prepress account owner (this will have been assigned to the agency when they are setup)
2) Go to My Settings > My Prepresses

This will list all the Prepress setups the account has for all the Specle Studio portals the account has (usually there is just 1 setup, but there could be multiple).

3) Find the prepress object you wish to change, and locate the 'Local file uploads' section

There are 3 fields to change to set this up. They do the following:

Upload file url - This is the URL of the web server that will receive the FORM POST from Specle when uploading files in the Campaign tool. Set this up to a fully qualified HTTP URL

Local file variable - The name of the variable that the web server expects to contain the file data. Specle POSTs the full contents of the PDF that is uploaded in the FORM content. That PDF is contained in a variable that is set here. (NOTE: Dalim Twist WebLink expects this variable to be set to fileName)

Local file id name - This is the variable name that contains the Specle ID of the job.

Custom Variables
You can setup custom variables that get passed to the local web server with every file. These can be paramaters that you need to include (for whatever reason) in every POST request

To add a custom variable, simply click 'Add Custom Variable'. Enter the name in the Variable name field and the value in the Variable value field. Its often useful to pass along your API key in one of these variables so that the Specle API can be called from the file processing system

Dalim Twist Example

To set up Dalim Twist for local file processing:

1) Set the upload file url to the URL of your Twist server with /twist/twistUpload included afterwards (see below)
2) Set the local file variable to fileName
3) Set the local file id name to specle_id (or the name of the variable you are currently using for processing)
4) Add your api_key to the FORM POST so that the Twist workflow can use the Specle API (Click add a custom variable)
5) Add a custom variable called name then set the variable value to the name of the Twist Workflow you want to process files.

See the graphic below