Popular Questions

What is Specle? 

Specle is an ad delivery company. This means that we check print, outdoor, and digital ads against specifications to ensure they will print or display as expected, and deliver them to media owners via their preferred supply channels.

Preflighting print ads is important because some media owners require bleed, crop marks, or slug areas in order to print ads correctly. Furthermore, some colours may be outside the printing range, or exceed the ink coverage limit set by the printing paper. For digital ads, it is vital to ensure that they are the correct size and preview correctly on Specle in order to display correctly on the final screen.

It is always a good idea to preflight ads in order to avoid issues with formats, cropping, colours, vectors, playbacks, and more, and some publishers even require that ads are supplied via a third-party ad delivery service. With Specle you can check and deliver ads to national and international media owners from one platform.

Is there a charge to use Specle?

Some media owners insist that ads are delivered via ad delivery services, and this means advertisers must use a third-party service. Without a third-party service, media owners would need to employ a team to check incoming ads, and this cost would be reflected in the advertising cost.

Specle is an independent software company so there is a charge to use our services. We have a close relationship with media owners, but in most cases we are not funded by them. 

Can media owners cover ad delivery costs?

In some cases media owners pay for ad delivery, but the large newspaper media owners work to maintain healthy competition amongst ad delivery vendors. As each newspaper group forms such a large proportion of the total market, choosing a single vendor and paying them directly would adversely affect the other vendors and create a monopoly. This would stifle innovation and increase prices.

Can the Specle charge be added to my advertising invoice?

It is impossible for the media owners to add the Specle charge to advertising invoices, as the choice of ad delivery vendor is up to the creative agency or advertiser. The media owner does not know which vendor will be used at the point of purchase.

Do media owners receive commission from Specle?

Specle does not provide any commission, rebate, or kickback to media owners. Specle operates on its own merits, and works to provide the best possible service so that media owners, agencies, and advertisers choose to use us.

How does using Specle benefit me?

We work to provide the best possible service for our customers. Specle employs a full-time development team to improve and expand our service, as well as a support team that offers advice and assistance throughout the production and delivery process.

Additionally, as Specle is a service designed for advertisers, customers can deliver to multiple media owners without navigating between media owner platforms.

What payment methods does Specle offer?

PAYG customers pay at the point of delivery with a credit card. Bundle customers pay at the point of purchase and ad credits are added to their account.

If you are a Specle Colour customer you pay via Direct Debit, credit card, or manual billing on the 28th of each month, but note that for manual billing, there is a £5 admin charge per invoice. 

To sign up to pay via direct debit, please click here.

How long do ad credits remain valid?

Bundle credits can be used for up to 12 months.

What are my options if there are errors on my ad?

If an ad fails the preflight check, customers can call or email the Specle Support team for instructions, or - alternatively - click on 'Fix it for me' to have the ad amended by a Prepress Technician. 

The charge for a fixup service can vary depending on the publisher you are supplying to. However, the standard pricing for this service is £35+VAT/€45. This is not inclusive of delivery. 

Are there any additional charges?

Some publications require delivery through a third-party system or gatekeeper service, which incurs an additional charge. For example, Media Huis Ireland (Irish Independent & Belfast Telegraph). It is rare, but other publications are operating similar services. We indicate on the publication page when an ad needs to be delivered using a third-party service; however, due to the complexity and variation in pricing, the pricing for third-party services is not shown at the point of delivery. 

What if I require a hard-copy proof?

To have a proof copy to be produced by our team will cost £70+VAT per file. Please be aware that the total price may vary based on quantity and delivery location. 

To request a hard-copy proof, or for more information about international delivery, please contact support@specle.net.

What does it mean that some publications are classified as regional?

Some publications are classified as regional on Specle, and there is a reduced price to deliver to these publications. This is indicated on the publication page beside the name of the title. The regional pricing is £2+VAT per delivery.

As a media owner, how can I set up my own ad portal?

Media owner specs can be added to our database for free. 

To discuss further portal branding, please email sales@specle.net or call us on +44(0) 207 871 3555.

Why are some ads free to deliver?

Pricing may vary for delivery to media owners with their own ad portals. Occasionally, the media owner will cover the cost of delivery and corrections. This is the case for the following media owner portals:

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