The Bookings Tab - Publisher Advertising Data Network

PADN is an industry initiative launched by Papermule to facilitate the targeted sharing of production advertising information (size, colour specification, publication, insertion date, references etc) to the reprographic supply chain via advertising delivery vendor networks with additional services facilitating easy communications.

My Bookings Page

The Bookings page gives users access to their UK bookings for News UK, TMG, DMG, Reach PLC, Bauer, and New Scientist. This feature offers users the ability to locate, access, confirm and reject bookings. Bookings are divided by today, week, and all bookings. This page will show details on booking numbers, publication, specifications, and advertiser. This can also be filtered with the search tab above the list, making it easier for you to identify a specific booking.  

Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) are booking numbers allocated to adverts and provided by the publisher when the booking is made. To access booking data, users will need to have their email address (the email address used to log into Specle) set as the copy-contact for the booking. To assign your email address, you will need to contact the publisher. Alternatively, our Specle Support Team can contact them on your behalf.


1. What does "Confirm" mean?

When you confirm a booking, the publisher is notified that you are sending copy with this URN.

2. What does "Reject" mean?

When you reject a booking, a notification will be sent to the Publisher informing them that you are not submitting this booking. You can give a reason for this rejection in the drop down box when you go to click on “reject”.

3. How do I add this booking to my campaign?

After clicking "Confirm", a "Delivery Options" button will appear. From there, you can choose between uploading via the Bookings page or adding the booking to your campaign using Campaign Tool. 

4. I put the wrong URN on my upload. How do I remove it?

If you have selected an incorrect URN, please go to the job page of this booking and click on “Unmatch from Booking”. This URN will then be removed from this upload, and you can re-enter the correct URN.

5. Why can’t I see my Booking?

If you cannot see your booking, this usually means that you have not been set as the copy contact for this booking. You will need to get in contact with the publisher to ensure they have your email address set as the copy contact. Once completed, you can return to the Bookings page and find your booking there.

6. What does “match to booking” mean?

This will appear on your upload if a URN has not yet been assigned. Once you click “Match to booking”, you can type in and search for the required URN. If you cannot find your URN, you will need to get in touch with the publisher directly.

7. Why can’t I send without a URN?

News UK, DMG and TMG now require that submissions sent to their titles have a PADN URN. This way submissions sent to their publications will be organised and managed accordingly. Please speak to your media buyer or the publication directly to obtain your required URN.

8. Where can I find the publisher's contact details?

You can find the publisher's contact details on their publication page under the “contacts” tab or through this link here:

9. How does a URN work?

Customer Unique Reference Number. The URN is a booking number varying between 6-10 digits based on the publication you are supplying to. This number is used to track the booking you are submitting and is required by some publications.

10. I have two sides to upload but only one URN. What do I do? 

You will need to get in touch with the publisher to confirm which side they require as you can only send one file under one URN.

11. The booking isn't right? 

If the booking(s) you see does not show the correct information as the booking made, please escalate to your relevant commercial contacts as it may have been booked incorrectly and will need amending.

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