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Easy ad delivery for Digital Outdoor

For instructions on how to browse specifications please go to Browsing Specs.

Digital Outdoor advertising can now be delivered to media owners in the UK using Specle, and the following media owners recommend that all creative is delivered through Specle.

Uploading an ad to specle

1. Search for a media owner in the search bar - Primesight, or Clear Channel. The search bar at the top of the page can be accessed anywhere on the site.

2. Click Send Ad next to the format you are supplying.

3. Fill in the required fields as indicated by the blue mark. The required sections may vary for different media owners. 

Advertiser - the company being advertised.

Headline - the headline of the ad, or, if you are doing a campaign, it could be the name of the campaign.

URN/Booking No. - the media specialist booking number

Insertion date - the start date of the campaign

Special Instructions - any special requirements, such as the order of ads, or whether it is intended for a particular region.

4. Click on Choose File at the bottom of the page and choose the artwork you want to send.

5. Click on Continue, and your ad will be preflighted against the specifications of the media owner. If it is a video it will be transcoded to the required format (MP4 with 10mb/s H264 encoding).

6. Error messages will appear if you attempt to upload an ad that does not match the specifications listed on Specle. Our system will check your format (Static: PNG or JPEG. Video: MP4, WMV, MOV, WEBM, MKV or AVI), size, and resolution. If the resolution is set as higher than 72ppi when exporting, the dimensions will differ from the specs.

If any of these errors appear, please check your size, format and resolution and make changes as necessary before re-uploading:

If you are taken to the My Ad Deliveries page, your ad has the right dimensions and format. You can see the status of your ad on the right. Click on the bar to access the Specle Digital Job Page.

Videos will play in the preview box on the Specle Digital job page.

7. Click Approve & Send to deliver your ad.

Ensuring that your ad is delivered

Once you click on Approve and Send you will be prompted for payment details.

If no pop-up opens when you click on Approve and Send, please ensure that your browser is up-to-date and that you do not have an ad-blocker enabled.

After filling in the details you will be taken to a page that says Please wait -payment processing. If the payment page does not refresh, please go to the My Ad Deliveries tab and click on the relevant job. 

If the Specle Send Report says Payment Failed, go to My Settings to check that the card has not expired. If the card has expired, please delete it and add a new card. Then you will have to click Approve and Send again.

If the card has not expired, please delete your card and try a different one if possible, or contact your bank. 

If the Specle Send Report says Payment Processing it means that you have clicked Approve and Send, but not proceeded with filling in the payment details in the pop-up. Please click on Approve and Send again to continue.

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