Color Profiles

Installing Colour Profiles

1. Find the publication's colour profile at the top of their Specle page. Click on the name to download it.

2. For PC users, right click on the profile and select Install Profile. You may need to restart your InDesign for it to appear.

3. For Mac users, please go to the Go menu in Finder, hold down the Alt Key and select Library. Go to the ColorSync folder, and drop the downloaded file into the Profile folder. You may need to restart your InDesign for it to appear.

If the ColorSync folder does not appear, access the library by clicking on Go to folder in the Go menu in Finder, enter ~/Library and click Go.

Exporting your Advert

1. When you export, ensure that the Destination, under the Output tab, is set to the required profile for the publication.

2. Ensure that Colour Conversion is set to Convert to Destination (Preserve Numbers).

If the profile you have installed does not appear here, please ensure that you have put it in the correct folder on your Mac, or right-clicked on the profile and selected install if you are using a PC. 

Please also make sure that you have restarted your InDesign after installing the profile.

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