Ink Coverage

Identifying high ink coverage area (Specle)

Before repairing the ink coverage, locate where the high ink coverage is on the file. You can do this by either generating a vizualiser report in Specle or opening the PDF on Adobe Acrobat. 

To locate high ink coverage via Specle, go to the job page and click on Generate Visauliser Report. After a few seconds, the page will refresh and a PDF will be created. 

Click on Visauliser Report and you will see a breakdown of all the colours on the file, including image resolution and spot colours. 

Identifying high ink coverage area (Adobe Acrobat)

To locate high ink coverage on Adobe Acrobat, open the PDF on Acrobat and search for Output Preview in the Search Tools Bar

Make sure Total Area Coverage is ticked, and that the value matches the publisher's specification limit. Here, Acrobat will highlight all areas above the specified value. 

Alternatively, you can click on Window > Output > Separations Preview in InDesign, then select Ink Limit from the dropdown and enter the ink coverage that matches your error message.

Fixing Ink Coverage Errors

If it is an image that is causing the error, please open the image(s) with ink coverage errors in Photoshop. Click Edit > Convert to Profile, and set the Destination Space to sRGB.

Save as a PSD or JPEG and reinsert into your ad.

Then follow these instructions when exporting in InDesign to ensure that your ad is exported with the correct colour profile for the publication you are supplying to.

If it is a block colour that is causing the ink coverage error, please double-click on the swatch in InDesign and change the CMYK colour values so that the total is less than the maximum ink coverage of the publication you are supplying to (this will be specified in your error message).

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