Other Errors

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Crop marks are required. An area of 10 mm from the trim must be included

Please ensure that crop marks is ticked, and that the crop mark offset is set to 5mm.


If you are supplying to YOOX Net-a-Porter Group or to a magazine published by Express Newspapers, please click on Edit > Document Setup in InDesign, and set the slug area to 10mm and the bleed to what is specified in the specs.

When exporting, please tick Use Document Bleed Settings to apply the bleed you set in Document Setup, tick Crop Marks and Include Slug Area, and set the Crop Mark Offset to 4mm.

This ad has Trim Marks or Slug Area. The MediaBox is not the same size as the TrimBox or BleedBox

Please ensure that you do not tick crop marks when exporting from InDesign as this ad does not require it.

This file does not have the correct amount of Bleed OR The BleedBox of This Ad is Not Correct. It Should Have a BleedBox of W _ x H _

Please ensure that you set your bleed to the sizes listed on Specle. 

Set it up by clicking on File > Document Setup and entering the correct bleed, and ensure that Use Document Bleed Settings is ticked when you export from InDesign, as this will not be ticked by default (see screenshot below).

Bleed Has Been Added to This Ad

Please ensure that you export your ad without bleed, as this error suggests that you are either uploading a newspaper ad (they very rarely require bleed), or a type ad for a magazine.

If your booked size is listed on Specle with type size only, it does not require bleed.

Page has TrimBox and ArtBox (but must only have one of this)

Please ensure that you create your ad in InDesign or Illustrator as it can apply crop marks and bleed correctly, unlike Photoshop and other programmes. 

Set the bleed as listed next to your size on Specle, and check the top bar of the publication page on Specle to see whether it requires crop marks.

Registration Color Inside BleedBox (>0%) OR Registration Color Inside TrimBox

This error will refer to two issues: 

To fix this issue, perform the following:

For (1), please ensure that your crop mark offset is set to 5mm when you export if your ad requires crop marks. 

For (2), if your ad does not have crop marks, please ensure that the swatch you use for black colours is called Black rather than Registration.

There may be an occasion where both of the above are applicable - crop marks bleeding onto the page area and registration colour used within the page area. If this is the case, please follow both steps above. 

Text is Close to the Edge of the Page

Please ensure that your text is within the type area of your booked size as listed on Specle.

Spot Color is Used

Please ensure that you change your colours from Spot Color to Process Color in InDesign. Do this by right-clicking on your swatch, selecting Swatch Options, and changing the Colour Type from Spot to Process

Document Contains Actions

Please open your PDF in Acrobat, click on File > Properties, and then ensure that Page Layout and Magnification are set to Default. Resave your PDF.

Number of Pages is Unequal

Please ensure that you only upload a single-page PDF per Specle job. 

Double Page Spreads should either be uploaded as a spread or as two separate files (left-hand side and right-hand side). This will be specified on the publication page.

White Vector Object is Not Set to Knock Out/White Text is Not Set to Knock Out

Please highlight the object or text in InDesign, click on Window > Output > Attributes, and untick Overprint Fill and Overprint Stroke.

CropBox Not Equal to MediaBox 

Please re-export your ad in InDesign and refrain from editing any boxes in Acrobat.

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