Dropbox Integration

Specle can now generate proofs for Specle Colour customers using our Colour Engine. A Dropbox integration also allows for these proofs to be sent to the GMG proofer.

Once set-up, Specle will deliver the proofs with slugs to a Dropbox folder, but you must set your proofing software to use this folder as a watch folder.

It is possible to set up Specle Colour and Dropbox proofing in 5 minutes.

For more information about our cloud-based studio automation suite and Dropbox integration, please email us at info@specle.net or call us on 020 7871 3155.

Setting up Dropbox proofing

Prepare your proofing server by installing Dropbox. You can use a personal dropbox account or your company’s enterprise account. In order to avoid any confusion, we recommend a dedicated user is created/assigned to this. You should ensure the syncing permissions are all correct for the Dropbox install on the proofing server.

Make sure you are signed out of any other Dropbox account. Otherwise, it might interfere with setting up the Specle Dropbox integration.

1. Log in to Specle and go to the My Settings tab, and click the Manage Integrations button. You must be logged in as an admin of your Specle account in order to access this.

2. Click Authorise. You will be redirected to the Dropbox login screen.

3. Sign in with the account you want to use. You must be logged out of any other Dropbox accounts that are connected to the machine you are setting up the proof folder on.

4. Allow Specle Integrations access.

5. After clicking Allow, you will be redirected to Specle. Click to Enable the proofing integration.

6. Confirm that the Apps > Specle Integrations > proofs folder is present in your Dropbox. 

7. Go to My Ad Deliveres tab, and click on the job you wish to proof. Click Send to proofer.

8. The proof will be generated and put into the proofs folder on the proofing server. If it is a watch folder the proof software will pick it up, otherwise it can be manually moved into a profile location. 

9. Once you refresh the show job page, you can click Download Final Proof File.

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