Specle Campaign

The Specle Campaign Tool allows agencies and brands to manage campaigns from start to finish - from media schedule, throughout production, and to delivery. 

With Specle Campaign, users can also preflight, approve and delivery multiple ads simultaneously. Specle Campaign integrates seamlessly with Specle Colour, enabling a simple workflow of resize, export, upload, and deliver.

For more information, email sales@specle.net or call +44 (0) 207 871 3555.

Specle Campaign Page

To start using the Campaigns Tool, go to the Campaign tab at the top of the Specle page. Here you will find all active and archived Campaigns under your account. 

Active campaigns will be available to use, upload and edit. Archived campaigns are for campaigns that have been completed and are no longer in use. 

To create a new campaign, click on New Campaign.

To edit a campaign, click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the campaign. Here you can select Edit, Duplicate, and Archive. If you wish to alter the details of the campaign, click on Edit. If you wish to clone a campaign, click on Duplicate. If you have finished with a campaign, click on Archive.  

Creating New Campaigns

Click New Campaign on the Campaigns page.

The Campaign name is what you would like to call the campaign. 

The Advertiser is what is being advertised in the campaign.

The Brand is the product in the campaign. 

The Media Buyer is who purchased the media schedule for the campaign. 

Click Save Changes to complete the new campaign. 

Adding a JOB

Aftert adding a new campaign, you can click on the campaign on the Campaigns page. 

Here you will find a search bar to add publications/sizes. You can also edit the campaign by clicking on Edit Campaign, or duplicate the campaign by clicking on Clone Campaign.   

1. To start, type in and select the title you are uploading to for your campaign. 

2. On the publication page, find the size you are supplying and click on Add to Campaign.

3. Type in the insertion date, deadline date, booking number and any special instructions you would like to add to your submission. This information can be added later if you do not know the insertion date for this submission yet. Furthermore, the PDF can also be added later if you have not yet completed the artwork. 

4. Click on Save Changes, and the job will be added to your campaign. 

Editing a Campaign

You can edit the campaign by clicking on the Edit Campaign button. Here, you can change the campaign details, such as the name of the advertised brand and media buyer. 

If you would like to clone the campaign to use for another, click on clone campaign

To edit a campaign job, click on the pencil icon. Here, you can select Edit Insertion and Clone Insertion, to modify or repeat the job. 

To upload your PDF, click and drag the file onto the drag and drop artwork box. Alternatively, click on the box and select the PDF from the pop-up box. 

If you have one PDF for multiple insertions, you can upload the file by clicking on Upload artwork to multiple insertions. Tick the jobs you wish to upload the file to and click upload

Managing a Campaign

When you have uploaded your artwork, the Campaign will update to show the files against each job. 

Adverts with no errors on the file will be placed under the Ready to Send section, with the Approve and Send button. Click on this to deliver the file. Alternatively, you can deliver multiple files by clicking on Deliver multiple insertions

If you have uploads that contain errors, they will remain under the Incomplete section with the option for our prepress team to repair the file. To select this, click on Fix for £45.

Adverts that are being pre-flighted against the publisher's specifications will remain under the Incomplete section until the pre-flight has finished. This will be set to the status of Checking

To view your upload, go to the pencil icon and select show job. To view the pre-flight report, click on preflight report

If you would like to upload a different PDF, click on Edit Insertion

Once you approve and send the upload, the job will be set to Delivered under the Delivered section. 

If you would like to repeat or replace the job, go to the pencil icon and select Replace or Repeat Insertion

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+44 (0)207 871 3555