Specle Campaign

The Specle Campaign Tool allows agencies and brands to manage campaigns from start to finish - from media schedule, throughout production, and to delivery.

With Specle Campaign, users can also preflight, approve and delivery multiple ads simultaneously. Specle Campaign integrates seamlessly with Specle Colour, enabling a simple workflow of resize, export, upload, and deliver.

For more information, email sales@specle.net or call +44 (0) 207 871 3555.

Setting up Specle Campaign

1. To set up the list of advertisers and brands you are delivering ads for, click on My Settings and then on Manage Advertisers.

2. Click on Add an Advertiser to add advertisers and Add Brand to add brands to advertisers.

Understanding the Campaign page

1. Go to Campaigns to view a list of active campaigns and to create new campaigns.

2. New shows planned insertions without files attached, Live shows processed jobs that are ready to send, and Complete shows jobs that have been delivered to publishers.

3. Click on the Campaign ID to open the campaign.

Creating new campaigns

Click New Campaign on the Campaigns page.

1. Campaign ID can be used to show your internal billing reference.

2. Pick an Advertiser from the dropdown. This populates the Brand dropdown with the associated brands.

3. Campaign Name can be the headline of the ad or the week number.

Editing campaigns

1. Type in the publication you are supplying to in the Search Bar.

2. Click Add To Campaign to go the specifications page for that title. Go down to the next section, 'Adding a Job', to see the following steps.

After you have added your job, you will see the below:

3. You can set a Deadline when you add a size, but note that this is for internal use only.

4. The Insertion date is the date the ad will run.

5. Click on Edit Job to edit information about the job, including insertion date, deadline, and special instructions.

6. Click on Attach File to select your PDF.

7. Click on Upload File to upload your file.

Adding a JOB

1. After having done step 1 and 2 above, click on Add to campaign to create a job. If it is a column size you will need to first enter the height in centimeters and pick the column width from the dropdown.

2. Click on the ID button to download an InDesign template to help you set up your ad.

Adding Job Details

1. URN/Booking Number: some publishers such as Trinity Mirror or Archant, require a booking number for any incoming ads. This booking number should come from the media buyer.

2. Use the insertion date calendar to set the date the ad will run. You do not require an insertion date to create and check the ad, but it is required before the ad can be delivered.

3. Enter the deadline date if you require it for internal use.

4. Enter any special instructions that you may require, such as the placement of the ad in the publication, or the running order of an ad series.

Understanding the Specle Report Page

1. Click on Approve and Send to deliver the job. Note that this button will not show if there are errors on your file.

2. Click on Start Again if you wish to replace your current PDF file without re-entering the ad information.

3. Click on View Preflight Report to view the errors or warnings on your file. Note that this button will say Review Errors if there are errors on your file.

4. If necessary, click on CI Report to generate a report with the job info and thumbnail for internal sign-off.

Repeating and replacing ads

1. Go to the Campaign Page and click on the relevant Campaign ID to open the campaign. Click on Repeat in the dropdown next to the required ad (or on the Specle Report Page) to repeat it for free.

2. Click on the SubCopy or Replace button on the Specle Report Page to replace a delivered file. The publisher will be notified on Specle and via email that this job replaces your previous job.

prioritising, sorting, and sending ads

1. Tick a job that is ready to send off (a job that says Review Errors cannot be sent) and click Send Selected to deliver one or several jobs at once.

2. Click Prioritise live jobs to drag and drop new and live jobs into your required order.

3. Click on any column header with two arrows to sort according to that column.

Cloning Campaigns

Click on Clone Campaign on the top right of the campaign page to clone a campaign.

1. Change the Advertiser and Brand as required.

2. Change the campaign's name.

3. Tick the jobs that you want to clone.

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