What if I require a hard-proof copy?

Modified on Tue, 19 Dec 2023 at 02:34 PM

Hard proof, or hard-copy proofing, is a physical printed proof of your artwork. This is used to check the artwork - only colours, font, images, text size, and overall appearance - before delivering it to the publisher for final.

To have a proof copy to be produced by our team will cost £70+VAT per file. Please be aware that the total price may vary based on quantity and delivery location. Also, these proofs will be printed on standard newspaper or magazine stock; any special requirements - in terms of stock type - you will need to notify us beforehand. 

In order for a proof to be requested, you will need to upload your artwork to our website by uploading to the desired publication: this way, we can check for any errors and make sure the proof presents the most authentic final product of your ad. 

If you are interested in a hard-copy proof or for more information about proofing, please contact support@specle.net.